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Eldrick Tobin
10 February 1976
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I'm normally not this quiet. And to be honest everytime I see "Tell us a little about yourself." I shut up. Afterall, describing a rock is easy.

But maybe you wanna hear a tad more. I look like yet another clone of the naughty male anime otaku... a little pudgy, longish hair, the look of a stalker ^.~ all the fun stuff.

I have brown hair, brown eyes, and brown skin. The Ayanami Rei Icon is due to my often "I'll do that if I'm ordered to." with a bit more Ikari Shinji refusal tossed in. Though I do have my Sohryu Asuka Langley days... I just don't like admitting my occasional "bathtub in the top of an abandoned building fleeing the world." days. Maybe because I don't have such a place.

I'm pretty much a mental train wreck... but if you've read my LJ's you might have noticed that.

I do write often and voluminously. Usually in 6-8 hour stints. Netting about 4-800 lines. This is why my large continuing work is over the 1 megabyte mark with no end in sight.

I also like to write my characters in and around me in my electronic endeavors. Mainly because they are a part of me. Though they have grown beyond simply "This is Kiiko, my libido personified. Say hi to her."

Or anything so mundane.

So far only my intermittent muse has popped up... and it's a bit hard to hold back the rest. But I will. No one needs the learning curve of all those people to meet all at once. And I'm sure no one wants to meet anymore at all anyway. Well not those not already familiar with them.

My interests covers a lot more ground than this I suppose and you should probably go there next.

The Raving Writing Pebble out ^-^

Oh and the 'Pink-chan' Bunny I drew... and yes with a cd.